For a better experience, please use Cinema 4D R26 or higher versions

Quickly unfold the model UV and send it to Adobe Substance Painter, and one click import the material back to the Cinema 4D

Main features

  • One click split UV

  • One click send your models to Adobe Substance Painter. and set Painter texture export path

  • After bake your textures, One click to create PBR materials with current support renderer

  • One click to export GLB/GLTF

Detailed information

Click the mouse scroll wheel to select a subset of objects (if an empty object is selected, the sub objects will be automatically selected)


  • Auto Find Painter Path : Auto find the Substance Painter path

    • you need install adobe substance painter after 7.2

  • Use Custom Painter Path : Use user setting substance painter path, this should only used when auto find cannot work.

  • Set Painter Path : Set your pianter path.

  • Use Root _TempIO Folder : the _TempIO folder is locate as same as the project,

  • Use Custom Path : use your custom root to store the _TempIO folder

  • Set Custom Path : Set your root folder

Split UV

  • Automatically split UVs for all selected editable objects without UV labels

  • If no object is selected, it will ask whether to select all

Groups by Materials

  • Add materials to all selected editable objects with UV labels for Painter grouping

  • Materials depends on the valid selection tag

  • If no object is selected, it will ask whether to select all

Send to Painter

  • Export all selected objects with UV labels and materials to Painter

  • Create a new project : automatically set the export maps folder, create a painter project

  • Open Existing Project : Open an existing painter project

  • If no object is selected, it will ask whether to select all

Create Materials

  • glTF(Standard Renderer):Create a glTF standard material based on the Painter textures.

  • PBR(Current Renderer):Create PBR Materials of document renderer, only support node materials(Physical/Octane/Redshift/Arnold)

Export glTF

  • Export GLB :Export objects as GLB

  • Export glTF :Export objects as glTF

Open Folders

  • Maps Folder:Open the folder for storing textures

  • Model Folder:Open the folder for storing models

  • glTF Folder:Open the folder for storing glTF

  • Painter Folder: Open the folder for storing Painter project

  • glTF online preview:Open gltf-viewer website

File Structure

Video tutorial

Future plan

  • Add Corona support

  • Add Vray support

Change Log

  • 1.0.0

    • Initial version release

  • 1.0.2

    • add custom path setting

    • add selection support