Material Filter


For a better experience, please use Cinema 4D R26 or higher versions

Search your materials with a filter dialog.

Main features

  • Add the Search ability to search material with names.

    • Double click to open material editor (on image).

    • Double click to rename material(on name).

    • Double click to create material of current renderer(on blank).

    • Main functions like C4D Material Manager(Ctrl + Drag to duplicate and so on)

    • Only show search results in the material manager too.

    • when closed the window, it will show all the hide material.

  • Edit :

    • Copy/Cut/Paste materials like origin.

    • Set materials with the same type with selected material.

  • Functions :

    • remove unused material, will try to run octane remove and c4d remove function.

    • sort materials by name

    • delete unused material tags

    Hide this dialog like the original material manager, this is a foldable dialog.

Video tutorial

  • No Video yet

Future plan

  • Add layer filter

  • add sort by used

  • ...