Redshift ShaderLink


Support Cinema 4D R26 and higher version

Redshift ShaderLink is a plugin specifically developed to enhance the working efficiency of Redshift users. With this plugin, users can create complex procedural textures and apply them to the scene as lighting textures or Gobo textures.

Main features

  • Use built in Cinema 4D Procedural Shaders

    With this plugin, users can directly utilize a range of procedural textures built into Cinema 4D as lighting textures, enabling more flexible control over Redshift's lighting maps, thus saving time and improving work quality.

  • Real-time Adjustment

    The plugin offers real-time adjustment for current textures, allowing users to adjust various parameters and resolutions of the textures at any time.

  • Save current texture

    The plugin allows users to save the current texture to the local disk or to another excellent plugin Dome Lighter, for future use or sharing with other team members.

  • Viewport Drawing

    The plugin can display the current texture in the viewport, making it convenient for users to edit the texture more intuitively.

  • High compatibility

    The plugin offers excellent compatibility with the Redshift renderer, ensuring a smooth and stable experience for users during the entire process.

  • Performance optimization

    By optimizing the underlying code logic and reducing unnecessary calculations, the plugin's response speed and efficiency are improved.

Video tutorial

Redshift ShaderLink

Future plan

  • Optimize cache

  • Fix known issues

  • Optimize user experience

Change Log

  • 20240411

    • v0.3.6

      Initial release