Texture Proxy


For a better experience, please use Cinema 4D R26 or higher versions

Quickly generate and replace proxies for textures in the project to avoid rendering crashes due to limited VRAM.

Main features

  • One-Click to consolidate material textures

  • One-Click to generate material textures proxies and replace with relative path

  • One-Click to switch textures and proxies

  • Auto skip small size textures

  • Different materials, different proxy resolutions, and maximum degree of freedom to save VRAM

    Please save the project and pause progressive rendering (IPR) before conversion

Renderer Support

  • Octane

  • Redshift

  • Arnold

  • Standard/Physical

  • Corona

Detailed information


  • Copy the texture used in the scene material to the local tex folder and automatically switch to a relative path


  • Include Maxon Assets : default enabled, categorizes Maxon Assets as local textures

  • Only Consider Material Texture : enabled by default, only consider the texture used by the material

  • Proxy Ignores Suffixes : By default, files with exr and hdr suffixes are skipped, and the format can be customized

  • Update :Confirm the format ignored by the update

Apply To

  • Apply to All :Effectively apply all materials in the scene

  • Apply to Selected :Only applies to selected Objects/Materials


  • Material :Effectively apply to selected materials

  • Object :Effectively the materials on selecting objects


  • Original :Switch to the original texture

  • 512:Generate an adaptive 512 resolution proxy and replace links with proxy

  • 1024:Generate an adaptive 1024 resolution proxy and replace links with proxy

  • 2048:Generate an adaptive 2048 resolution proxy and replace links with proxy

Automatically calculate the proxy edge length and maintain the shortest edge length as the resolution.

Create Proxy

  • Create a proxy and replace the proxy path

Before creating a proxy, textures will be automatically consolidated.

Video tutorial

  • No video yet

Future plan

  • None

Change Log

  • 1.0.0

    • Initial version release