Work Flow


For a better experience, please use Cinema 4D R26 or higher versions

Manage your projects and assets inside Cinema.

For data security, Work Flow does not provide any delete and overwrite operations.

Note: this document need to translate to English(not done yet), look at FlowUs full docs for now

Quick Intro

Work Flow Common Process : Add Root Pool - - > Create Root - - > Create Project

  • This plugin manages data by paths and file names, which means:

    1. Advantages : no encryption of paths, can continue to work without the plugin and still be an organized file structure

    2. Cons : Being name and path based means that if you change the name or path it will not work as expected.

  • 😊 Work Flow provides some tools to manage your files and projects with just a few clicks and users don't need to memorize the file structure.

Quick Highlights

  • C4D's internal resource management eliminates the clutter caused by dozens of windows open.

  • Provides three ways to navigate files: expand, tree directory and filtering

  • Operational logic similar to Windows Explorer with no learning costs.

  • Simple I/O, such as double-clicking to import or open a file, and drag-and-drop to export.

  • Optimized workflow in C4D's internal GUI manager.

  • Deeply integrated with Render Flow plugin for twice the effort in joint use (compatible with Render Flow for creating project trees).

Detail Information

Root Structure

  • For example, Sets the project pool directory to the Root Space folder under the D drive and creates a project with the name 1026_Project Name

+ Z:\_Root Space # Root Space(Do not use the disk root)
  + 2022
    + ...
  + 2023 # Yesrs Folder
    + ...
    + 1026_Project Name # MMDD_Project Name
      + _IN : Incoming files (e.g. documents provided by customers, etc.)
      + _OUT : Output files (e.g. screen shots, single frames, etc. sent to customers)
      + Ref : Reference collection
      + Projects : Projects (3D/Comp/Edit) (important folder, don't change name and path)
      + Assets : Assets used by the project

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Video tutorial

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Future plan

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Change Log

  • 1.0.0

    • Initial version release